re:form  doesn’t work for you, we partner with you. We’re industry award-winning communicators who believe that the power of creative ideas and effective communication can overcome a variety of business roadblocks.

We’ve partnered with clients across numerous industries with varied organizational structures. We seek to understand the little nuances - good and bad - that give it character. Then, we craft and execute plans based on your workflow and culture. We take into account your business needs and your voice, to help you achieve your desired outcomes.

Communication transforms ideas into reality by connecting our emotions to the physical world. Its influence propels action. Its message can start a revolution. Its power can change the world.

Our Commitment

  • To our clients - We promise to deliver creative and innovative material with an outstanding level of service at a reasonable price.

  • To our vendor partners - We provide a meaningful experience, where we continuously raise our level of excellence and creativity, in a fun, rewarding environment.

  • To the community - We promise to make the world a little better place to live, play and work.

Justin Brunner, Owner

Justin Brunner, an industry veteran with over 15 years in corporate communications, marketing and change management, launched re:form communications out of a desire to help organizations become the best they can. He helps deliver results-driven communications solutions to internal and external audiences.

His previous work includes senior and executive-level consulting for global consulting organizations, serving as corporate communications director, managing internal communications, marketing and more.

He’s won several industry awards for strategic communication, digital communication and writing. Justin is actively involved with the International Association of Business Communicators and community organizations.