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Here you will find some examples of past projects. Scroll down for a selection of writing samples.

Communications Projects

Integration of Standard Parking and Central Parking

Issue: Two powerhouses in the parking industry - Standard Parking and Central Parking - announced a merger. This process brought together two very different companies over a 12 month period, once the merger closed. Once the functional systems and processes were finalized, it was now time to bring the teams together. 

Solution: A comprehensive communications strategy was put into place, targeting all levels of management by geographic groups. The company's intranet was utilized as the central resource center.  Policies, weekly checklists, videos, contact sheets, discussion points and other media were utilized to address any foreseeable issue. We created this comprehensive plan, ensuring it was adopted and executed by all levels of management, making the integration a fairly seamless process. 

Solution: Creating an intranet and all of its associated content, created an information hub the company had never experienced. We built streamlined processes to create an engaging, self-serve environment, which allowed SP+ to get news, updates and share information among peers. Departments handling employee questions now drive those employees to SPin to find the information they need. Approximately 90% of accessible users view the site each day and it continues to 

SP+ Branding Guide

Issue: SP+ resulted from the merger of Standard Parking Corporation and Central Parking System in 2014. The company wanted a fresh and lively look, symbolizing the company's new growth and direction. It's employees needed to understand what it meant to have a new brand, the meaning behind it, and how to effectively use it.

Solution: We utilized the company's intranet, SPin, to build a multi-faceted, digital branding guide. The guide provides a detailed and consistent message to the employee population, from any device with Internet access. Easily accessible and easily understood, we obtained a unified brand message representing the company's new ideas.

UPMC Nursing Annual Report

Issue: The UPMC Health System, spanning 13 hospitals across southwestern Pennsylvania, suffered from severe nursing shortages, decreased recruitment and retention, and decreased employee engagement. The staff experienced a lack of respect from their patients, doctors, administrators, and even from their coworkers.

Solution: The Nursing Annual Report was initiated by the UPMC executive leadership. The report made current UPMC nurses feel recognized and valuable. It demonstrated the achievements – both academic and voluntary – of the well-qualified team. Nurse recruiters also utilized the document to help hire new staff from across the country. 

Additional Writing Samples